Combined tours to the various holiday resorts in Suriname, French Guyana & Guyana. We cover the Guyana shield.


business tourism

We offer you a professional service with lists of potential partners and French institutions, basic regulations for export to French Guyana (other overseas departments of France) and Suriname. Furthermore, we can provide market studies on demand.


The residents in the upper Suriname area; the Saramakaners love to share their cultural traditions with you. This was one of the forms with which message where conveyed during the slave time . Get acquainted with the ages- old dance forms during a cultural show and let yourself be carried away by the exciting singing.

Airplane Tickets/ Tours/ Cruise. Travel around the globe with A&A Tourism Services!! Wherever your destination may be. Athorised agent of WALDO TRAVEL.

Sport tourism between Suriname and French Guyana also deserves our attention. see video

Le camp de gardien par Ronny Aloema en Guyane.Expérience à renouveler très rapides t

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Wellbeing tourism

Appointments for dentist, ophthalmologist (French Guianese citizens only) or spa in Suriname.

Transport, Hotel, Resort reservations, Car rental in Suriname or French Guiana are also possible with us. Let’s do business!!

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Visit, Experience, Explore and Discover the 100% nature Guyana shield.

What you see is what you get.



Your wonderfull journey to the 100% pure nature starts from Albina around 13:00u in the afternoon. Albina / Paramaribo is approximately 2 hours till 2 hours and half driving. Around 17:00u you will be able to checkin in one of the best hotel in town (final price based on the hotel standaards ) In the meanwhile you can enjoy the facilties of the hotel (swimming pool) if you want to.


The trip to Danpaati River Lodge starts bright & early. Our air-conditioned bus will pick you up at around 7 in the morning, which shall escort you to Atjoni. It’s a 3 hour drive (including stops) from Paramaribo to  Atjoni.  When  you’ve  reached  Atjoni,  the  boats-men  will  load  everything  from  the  bus  on  to  the motorized boats, after which you will travel 2 and half hours by boat through the Amazon Rain Forest before  meeting  your  end  destination,  Danpaati  River  Lodge.  On  arrival  you  will  be  greeted  with  a welcome song, sang by the locals. After meeting the Lodge Managers, he/she will walk you through the program  and  a  few  house  rules  for  your  3  day  stay  at  Danpaati.  Soon  after,  lunch  will  be  served, prepared by Danpaati’s finest. After lunch, one of the employees will escort you to your rooms, where you  will  have  the  time  to  check  in,  get  comfortable and  have  a  nice  cold  shower.  After  you  are  well rested you may choose to get a tour of the island or explore it by yourself. Later in the afternoon (if the water-levels are just right) one of the motorized boats will bring you to our “Natural Jacuzzi”, namely small rapids, where you can swim, or simply enjoy the water and your surroundings. Dinner is served at 8 You will be treated with a combination of local cuisines and western influences. After dinner you can hang  out  at  our  bar/lounge,  enjoy  a  soothing  drink  while  sitting  under  the  stars  in  the  heart  of  the Amazon

Day 3

Soon after breakfast, one of our experienced tour-guides will give you a tour of the village, Dan, where you  will  learn  the  different,  traditional  and  unique  ways  the  local  people  live  and  have  lived  for generations.  You  will  return  to  Danpaati  just  in  time  for  lunch.  After  lunch  you  have  free  time  to  go swimming, stay in bed, relax by the yoga-deck or perhaps book additional tours. After dinner you get to go on an exciting adventure, Caiman spotting. What’s better than a boat-ride under the starry night sky in the Amazon Rain Forest, while searching for nature’s most fearsome creature, the Caiman?




On the last day, after breakfast, you will go for a nature hike, during which our experienced tour-guide will show you the many survival techniques used by the locals, passed on to them by their ancestors and those before them, going all the way back to African culture. You will return to Danpaati at noon, where your  lunch  will  be  ready  and  waiting  for  you.  After  lunch,  it’s  time  to  say  goodbye.  A  boat  will  be standing by to take you back to Atjoni, where the bus is waiting to pick you up and drop you off safely at your hotel.

Day 5

Departure to Albina around 12:00u. Absolutely not before having breakfast. The check out time is at 11:00u in the morning. Thanks of choosing AATS NV as your partner to the nature!

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Ronny Aloema

Co- founder and director of AATS NV,Ronny 38, has followed trainings at the American Embassy in Suriname  “Stimulating Entrepreneurship and Innovating: Lean Launchpad for Agile Start ups” from Terik Tidwell, Director STEM Innovation at the Johnson C Smith University in United States. He has also being trained by Waldo Worldwide Travel Agency and as a Website Designer with IVMO. Besides his business, he is elected PR from the Alliance Française of Paramaribo. Finally, he is a futsal and soccer goalkeeper,ex international in Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. He is authorized coach for futsal and soccer licenced by the KNVB / Holland. He is passionate, dedicated and has gained trust localy and regionaly.

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